Savon de Castile

Ok, so we are socially distancing, wearing masks, and washing (always washing) our hands to keep COVID-19 at bay. Last Christmas was... odd, and with all these COVID precautions, we didn't get to Montreal to visit with Terry's family. But, I sent soap (of course I did). The easiest soap to make, the one I began with, was "Savon de Castile", the same Castile soap I started with last summer.

Soap Story

While up at the cottage with Terry, Katherine and Rob, I fell into another "craft/hobby": making homemade soap.

Katherine had commented that Castile Soap would have less of an environmental impact than the soap I use at the cottage. Of course, this intrigued me. I had heard of Castile soap, but did not know much about it. So I did some research.