Long ago

Long ago, I worked for a company that did useful things. For the most part, I enjoyed the work. I made friends there, met my future wife there, and generally learned my craft there.

Of course, things changed.

The place grew bigger or I grew smaller; I couldn't tell the difference.

Where I had a well-defined job that I understood and could execute well, I now had an undefined, malleable job which no one understood, let alone execute with any accuracy. And, the job changed every 6 months or so. No need for business cards; they'd be obsolete before you got them from the printer.

Now, after tolerating that situation for longer than I should, I'm retired. I have a job (sic) that is again well-defined and that I understand. I'm a man of leasure, and that's exactly what I want to be.

There are times in which I wonder what my former coworkers are doing. But, then again, I remember that I don't have to concern myself about them any more.

Such is retired life.