Wuv, Twu Wuv...

There have been times, since Marya's passing, that I've wondered about "love". I loved my wife, and mourned her passing. Now, I love another woman, equally but in a different way.

There's no comparison between Marya and Terry; I love (and loved) each woman uniquely and independently. One was my first love; a woman that I sacrificed myself for. She was funny and interesting and cute and everything that I wanted. And then, all that went away, in a crash that left me crippled and blinded.
Now I love another woman, who is funny and interesting and sexy and completely not the first woman. She's the one that I want, and there's no turning back.

Can I compare the two loves of my life?

No, not really.

Each is/was special in her own right. Each woman captured my heart in a different way. Each woman has/had her own quirks and behaviours. And, I treat/treated each woman differently; special and unique, but not identical.

So that's it. I loved Marya, and I love Theresa. Marya was my mate, Theresa is my mate.

And that's all there is to it.

== 30 ==