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Yes, I know that we aren't supposed to discuss that topic. At least, not in polite company.

F*ck that.

For countless generations, the one thing that's motivated and interested people of all races, genders, and ages, is the prospect of "getting some".

From the time that the reproductive hormones start their work until death (and probably, five minutes beyond), we all want some sexual gratification.

There are those who enjoy a simple congress, and there are others with more complex needs. For some, their left (or right) hand meets their needs. For some, there are more interesting requirements.

But, for all, there are two simple, overriding needs:

  1. to experience the release and relief of orgasm, and
  2. to enjoy and explore that release with a partner

The choice of partner is a personal decision: some need no parner; some see gender as a deciding factor, and some accept partners of any gender.

The only people who aren't satisfied with this are the people who refuse to be satisfied by any of it. F*ck them. Literally.

I'm an adult. My sexual needs change and evolve constantly, as does the role I'll voluntarily play in satisfying the sexual needs of others.

It doesn't matter to me if those needs are "kinky" or "straight", unusual or plain, "AC" or "DC". My needs are any and/or all of the above, depending. And, so are yours.

So, as far as sex is concerned, I'm all for it. If it satisfies you and your partner, go to it. Take my (somewhat jaded) opinion for what it is, and go merrily along doing whatever you need to do.

To the teens who may read this: Sex and Love are two different things. Don't confuse them. Sex is a physical release, a pleasure that (if not pro-actively treated) can result in children. I do not judge (you know who you are; I don't) your sexual activities. I just want you to be safe, and not to commit to things that you might not be able to handle (children are a lifetime commitment; do you really want to have and raise a baby?). Enjoy the physical; be cautious and protective of the emotional, and don't commit to something that takes more than a week to resolve.

To the adults who may read this: Yes, I'm horny. I'm a guy, and guys are perpetually horny. Live with it. I don't engage in sex casually; to me, it's part of what you do in love. I'm not afraid of the variety of sexual expressions; there are some that I would very much like to experience, and others that don't interest me at all. But, that's my business. And, my partner's business.