Measuring time

It's funny how we measure time. For short intervals, we use a clock, for longer intervals, we use a calendar. But, for life events, we use other things.

When we are very young, we measure in "sleeps"; how many times do we have to go to bed between events.

As we get older, we measure in "birthdays". Each passing year is recorded as an achievement, and our age becomes a badge of honour.

By the time we mature, time is measured in "weddings". This friend got married last year, two more this summer, and who knows how many next year.

A few years later, this measure changes to "births". Each new bundle of joy marks our lifetime in unequal measures.

Then, for a very long time, we measure time in "anniversaries". Paper, wood, plastic, tin, gold, silver.

Finally, as our lives close out, we measure time in "passings". Our parents go first. Then friends and family, one by one. And then ourselves.

I've seen many "sleeps", many "birthdays", many "weddings", "births" and "anniversaries". And, now I'm beginning to see "passings". My late wife, my father-in-law, parents of friends, my father, all have "passed".

Soon, I fear, I will have to add my brother to that list. He's not lost to us yet, but his life path has taken him close to that final time. God be with you, Bob. I love you.


I lost a part of myself today. My brother Bob passed away at 9:10 this morning.

I miss you, Bob. I love you.

Sleep well; you've earned your rest.