Marya admitted to Toronto General Hospital

On Tuesday, January 31, Marya was admitted to Toronto General Hospital for treatment of an infection and fever. The doctors of the TGH Transplant clinic think that she contracted some lung infection over the Christmas holidays, and they have her on an intravenous antibiotic treatment. The prognosis is good.

Of course, this means that she's stuck in a hospital room for the next few weeks. If you want to contact her, she can be reached at the TGH Patient Enquiry line at 416-340-3131.


This morning, Marya is scheduled for a bronchoscopy, and will not be available until noon at the earliest. I'm seeing her at noon, and will keep this up to date with her condition.

The doctors say that Marya's medications are still intefering with her kidney function, and they are changing the doses and prescriptions again. The fever that put her in the hospital has finally gone, but she is still on intraveneous antibiotics.

Marya's creatanin levels are coming back down; they had peaked at 460+ earlier this week, but todays tests show them at around 420. This is good news; the lower the numbers, the longer before she needs a kidney transplant.

There is some debate going on about releasing her on Friday. On the one hand, they are telling her that she's still too sick, and needs daily blood tests and monitoring at the hospital. However, they are also telling her that they intend to discharge her on Friday. While I'd like to get her back home, I know that having the VON come in to take daily blood tests, and having Marya commute back to TGH on Monday (so they can check on her progress) is more stress on her than staying in TGH for the next few days would be. Well, we'll know what they intend to do, sometime on Friday afternoon.

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Marya is back home now; TGH released her at about 6:00 PM on Friday (Feb 10). The VON will check in 3 times a week for the next while, and Marya has to return to TGH for a number of checkups.

Her swelling is still pretty bad, but the lung infection has cleared.

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