Three months on

It's been just over three months since Marya passed away. While the fabric of my life is starting to knit together, there are still huge gaping holes that won't go away soon. I shared my life with Marya (as did she with me) for 25 years (half of my life), and three months isnt nearly enough time to fill in the void that her passing left.

Marya's estate is in good order, and I am in a good position to continue my life. But, I really don't know where to go from here. I guess that this summer, I'll start making plans and decisions about the direction I'll go for the next few years, but I don't know what that will be yet. What plans I did have, I had with Marya, and I didn't have plans that didn't include her.

I am, however, thinking of reducing the amount of time I dedicate to work, and increasing the amount of travelling that I do. I've worked full-time for almost 30 years, and the prospect of continuing that pace (in the face of rapidly changing work requirements and obligations) isn't one I look forward to. On January 10, I'll achieve my 30th anniversary with my employer, and that may be the ideal time to begin scaling back. Working part time (perhaps 4 days a week) would give me the space to find my own place without Marya, while still offering employment and an income.

On top of that, with more leisure time, I'd like to travel more. I'm not yet ready to travel on my own, so group tours and cruises will likely be my first steps. But, its time to see the world, while I still can. I guess that I'll have to look into travel clubs and the like, at least to start.

But, it is a beginning.