Learning to Fly

Over the weekend, I finally got my first true flying lesson.

I've been taking "ground school" for almost a month now, but every "hands on" lesson I book gets cancelled due to weather. Well, I finally lucked out, and the weather was good for this weekend.

Both the instructor and I did the pre-flight walkaround, and the preflight checklist. I taxied (poorly), and he handled the take off. This lesson was "Attitudes and Movements": learning how to make the machine go in the right direction once you get into the air. I practiced 10 and 20 degree climbs, 5 and 10 degree descents, and 10, 20 and 30 degree turns. We climbed to 1300 feet, then up to 4000 feet, circled around the practice area several times, and finally (a half hour later) descended to 1200 feet for the landing.

What a blast! I'm going to love flying!