Nathan Charles Pitcher in hospital

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I've just been informed that my father, Nathan Charles Pitcher, has been admitted to the ICU at Dartmouth General Hospital with breathing problems.

He is currently sedated, and has been intubated on a respirator. The doctors are trying to determine what has put him into respiratory difficulty, and intend to slowly "wean" him off of the respirator.

More news as I get it.


I spoke with the ICU nurse this morning, and found out that they are moving my dad out of ICU and onto the ward.

He has been off the respirator for a few days, but is still on oxygen. He's a bit disoriented, but is awake and mobile. The crisis is over, but the recovery is still in progress.

The phone number for Dartmouth General is 902-465-8300.


Dad's been moved back to the ICU; he had breathing problems overnight and the doctors put him back on the respirator. The good news is that, after 4 hours, he recovered, and is off of the respirator again. The staff tell me that this is the way it goes sometimes for patients with respiratory problems.

I've talked with dad, and he's conscious and coherent. He's itching to get off of all the "machines" that they have him hooked up to (probably an IV line for meds, an oxygen cannula for breathing, and some monitor equipment).

I've asked his doctors to call me for an update on his condition, but given that this is the weekend, I don't expect to hear from them until Monday.

I'll likely book a flight to Halifax for later this week, god willing.

Last night (May 7), Dartmouth General released dad to return home "on his own recognizance". No oxygen, no home care, no fuss. He's back in circulation and the crisis has passed.

Welcome back, Dad