Clean up time

I spent another couple days at the cottage, cleaning up. So far this year, I've removed

  • one fibreglass canoe, split down both sides,
  • one aluminium boat, perforated small and fist-sized holes below the water-line,
  • one iron bedframe,
  • one old, rusted outboard motor,
  • three single-bed mattress springs (covers rotted off),
  • one rusted out old wood stove,
  • one aluminium screen door, and
  • assorted metal bits, from rusted out stovepipe to grates and grills.

This trip, I moved all the old dock wood from the shore to behind the cottage, cut it all into firewood-lengths, and stacked it (some in the wood crib, and the rest in neat piles beside). On the way out, I stopped at the dump to get rid of the last of the junk that previously had resided under the cottage. Now, there's only a handful of shingles and a couple of old logs left, and the mouse population has no where to nest.