Useful Documents: Cheque Register

While others may enjoy the freedom of letting someone else account for their expenditures, I learned money-management differently. I regularly balance my own accounts, confirming deposits and withdrawals, and derive my own running balance, independent of my bank's online tools. To do this, I use a "cheque register", a small booklet that mimics an account ledger, that my bank freely provides to it's customers. However, lack of demand has caused the bank to cut back, and they no longer make or distribute these "cheque registers".

So, being the stubborn and resourceful guy that I am, I composed my own one-page "Cheque Register", which can be duplex printed onto US "Legal" (8 1/2" by 14") paper. I've gone through several iterations of this ledger, and now release a version into the wild. I licence this under the Free Software Foundation's "Free Document Licence" (licence details are linked to in the document).