Just Call Me Dock

At the start of May, I trekked up to Kimball Lake to open the cottage and see what the winter had done to the place. The cottage suffered no damage; the winter was mild. However, the dock that I've been building for the last two years was crushed beyond repair. It would take all season to disassemble this mess, and then another two or three years to rebuild. Time for "Plan B".

I called "Dock In A Box", in Barrie, and purchased a single 6-foot by 10-foot standalone aluminium dock. It took them a few weeks to construct it (I called at their busiest time, when everyone finds out whether or not their docks have survived the winter), and they had it ready to deliver by the middle of June.

"Pack'n'Stack" movers (also of Barrie) trucked the dock (in parts) up to the Bear Lake Landing (and, boy, does that driver have a story to tell his grandkids), where I then loaded it all onto roof-racks and drove it to the Kimball Lake landing. By the time I got it all to the cottage, night had fallen, and I left the loaded boat tied to a large log on the shore.

The next morning, I started the assembly. It took a couple of hours, mostly just getting the legs the right length and the frame into position. At that point, I'd achieved everything that I had set out to get by mid-June: A dock.

But, not a ramp from the dock to shore. And so, I scheduled another trip (this past weekend) to build and install the ramp. It took most of the day, and the generator got ornery with me, causing me to stop early. The weather threatened a rainstorm all afternoon, and I had the ramp built, mostly trimmed, and in place.

This morning, while packing up to leave, I finished trimming the rough edges of the ramp.

And, so, I give you...

My Dock!

Addendum: 2016-07-06

The killick on the haulout finally gave way, about the same time as I installed the new dock.

This past weekend, I made a new one, and repositioned the haulout to service the new dock.