Long time absent

I've not added anything to this blog in quite a while. Since August, 2019, I have been quite busy.
So, let me catch you up.

In August, last year, Terry's daughter got married. I took some time to help with the wedding preparations, and to attend the wedding. Congratulations to the bride (Katherine Robbins) and the groom (Rob Adamson); I have no doubt that they will have a wonderful life together; they've been together for ten years already, and the marriage just makes it official.

But, with the good news of Katherine and Rob's marriage came some bad news as well: Terry's dad in Montreal was hospitalized for a digestive-tract problem. He had a protracted stay in hospital while the doctors diagnosed his problem, and tried various treatments on him. Finally, they settled on a couple of medications that he now has to take with every meal, and he returned home in time for Christmas.

Terry and I shuttled between home and Montreal a number of times in the fall, in order to visit her dad in the hospital, and to give Lina and Serge some much-needed assistance. Amidst all this, Terry and I took a two-week cruise from Barcelona, Spain to Tampa, Florida with stops in Portugal and the Azores. Immediately after our return, we resumed the Toronto-Montreal shuttle, checking in on Nonno and helping Lina and Serge. As has become our custom, we also spent Christmas in Montreal, and have returned a couple more times since. This back-and-forth will continue until Terry's dad regains his health to the point that he can take care of himself.

So, to summarize, we've kept busy with one wedding, one cruise, and quite a lot of shuttling between here and Montreal.

And they say that you aren't busy when you retire.