Sheltering at the Cottage

COVID-19 has played havoc with schedules and intentions this spring, but it cannot stop me from taking time at my log cabin in the forest. I intend to, this year, complete the installation of my solar-electric system, and then take a much-needed break at the cottage.

I had closed the cottage early, last year, and left a number of tasks incomplete. For one, I had intended to install a shade for the light in the master bedroom, to complete that installation. There were a number of simple closing-up tasks left undone as well, from changing the oil in the generators and cleaning out the soot in the chimney to crafting a new anchor for the haul out, and taking down several dead maples that could damage the cottage and boat-house.

With COVID-19 forcing me,like everyone else, to idle, I opened the cottage in late May. Since then, I've built a new 75kg anchor for the haul-out and installed the last of the wiring for the solar panels. This year, I have only the solar panel installation as a project, and the COVID-19 precautions keeping me away from everything else, so I intend to spend a considerable amount of time at the cottage, completing my projects, fishing, and generally laying about.