Candy making

This week, I unearthed the chocolate moulds and chocolate wafers from where they had been stored in the basement. Most of the chocolate had spoilt, the surface turning a powdery white, but enough remained to try my hand at making chocolates again.

So, I took a day, cleaned all the moulds, and set a couple of types of chocolate to melt on the stove. The first problem was the stove; the burner I used is a "temperature control" burner that has it's own thermostat. But I found that the thermostat is "off", and doesn't register properly. It took forever for the chocolate wafers to melt, and even then, they became more of a paste than a liquid.

The next problem was the moulds; some of them have aged poorly, and have become brittle. A couple cracked in my hand. Oops.

But, I got the chocolate melted and into the moulds. I was going to make peanut butter cups, but with the chocolate so thick, I decided on simple chocolates instead.

A few of the bowls I use to melt the chocolate in have broken. I'll have to get replacements at Zellers or Walmart. Most of the chocolate wafers have spoilt; I'll hit the Bulk Barn for more.

And I'll start making chocolates again.