The Challenge: Petals Around the Rose

Welcome, Seeker. I am the Potentate of the Rose. To join me in the Fellowship of the Rose you must satisfy my challenge.

In this challenge, I will roll five dice, and show you their top faces. To pass, you must deduce and tell me the weight of the roll, for three consecutive rolls.

I am permitted to assist you in a limited way: I can tell you these three things:

  1. I can tell you that the name of this challenge is Petals around the Rose,
  2. I can tell you that the name is very important, and
  3. I can tell you the weight of any roll of the dice

Should you deduce the secret correctly, I caution you to keep the manner of your success to yourself, lest other Seekers learn the secret unearned.

The weight of this roll is 10.