"Politically Incorrect"

My soaping journey began with a formulation of Savon de Castile, but I quickly learned that Castille soap was just the beginning. Soaps have many qualities having to do with how well they clean, how well they foam, how well they condition, and how well they keep, and, depending on the oils you use, these dimensions can vary considerably. So, I set out to make a soap that cleaned and conditioned better, had better foam, and kept better than my Savon de Castile.

Savon de Castile

Ok, so we are socially distancing, wearing masks, and washing (always washing) our hands to keep COVID-19 at bay. Last Christmas was... odd, and with all these COVID precautions, we didn't get to Montreal to visit with Terry's family. But, I sent soap (of course I did). The easiest soap to make, the one I began with, was "Savon de Castile", the same Castile soap I started with last summer.

Soap Story

While up at the cottage with Terry, Katherine and Rob, I fell into another "craft/hobby": making homemade soap.

Katherine had commented that Castile Soap would have less of an environmental impact than the soap I use at the cottage. Of course, this intrigued me. I had heard of Castile soap, but did not know much about it. So I did some research.

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