Hot Tub Gone

At my home, a quarter century ago, I built a deck and installed a hot tub. The deck has well withstood the test of time, but the hot tub not so much. It's been showing it's age, with leaks and broken parts, and when the pump died last summer, I decided to shut it off permanently.

Which meant that, this spring, instead of just reconditioning the deck, I had to remove and dispose of the hot tub, and renovate the deck where the tub had stood. So, in the first good weather of the spring, I burnt out two angle grinders while removing a plastic and fiberglass hot tub, and spent a fair bit of time and money installing new PT 2x8 joists and cedar 2x6 decking in it's place.

Now, I just have to finish the yearly "reconditioning" by sanding and watersealing the complete deck, and painting the deck furniture.