The End of an Era

The end to the 2016 cottage season fast approaches, and I have done almost all that I can do this year.

Two long-standing components of my late mother's cottage are gone: a long-dead snowmobile, and an even-longer-dead iron cookstove.
I have cleaned out most of the junk (next year will complete the job) and started the much-needed renovations and improvements.

I think that my Mother would be very happy with the changes.


Over the past two weeks, I've closed up the cottage.

First, Mark (Terry's son) and I took an overnight trip up to take the new dock in. The manufacturer of the "Dock in a Box" dock, that I put in this year, recommends that you remove the freestanding dock from the water before the winter ice sets in. This prevents the ice from crushing the aluminium pipe legs and ensures that the ice won't carry the dock out into the lake (where it would sink in the spring). Mark graciously agreed to help me get the dock out of the water. Now, all I have to worry about is getting it back into the (ice cold) water in the spring.

Next, I spent three days (one half day, a full day, and a second half day) taking care of all the other closing-up tasks. From servicing the generators to setting mouse traps to collecting the laundry and sweeping up, I spent my time up there getting ready for the winter. The boat is chained under a new shelter at the landing, the motor is safely tucked away in my garage at home, and all the chores for 2016 are done.

So, what did I accomplish this year, you ask? I

Not as much as previous years, but still a reasonable accomplishment, don't you think?