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Marya back in hospital

After a week of being out of the hospital, TGH re-admitted Marya to the transplant Stepdown unit. Home care wasn't very good (it was difficult to draw blood for the lab), and Marya's fever returned after a couple of days.

The transplant team aren't entirely certain whether the fever is from an infection or rejection, and are treating both.

Marya admitted to Toronto General Hospital

On Tuesday, January 31, Marya was admitted to Toronto General Hospital for treatment of an infection and fever. The doctors of the TGH Transplant clinic think that she contracted some lung infection over the Christmas holidays, and they have her on an intravenous antibiotic treatment. The prognosis is good.

Of course, this means that she's stuck in a hospital room for the next few weeks. If you want to contact her, she can be reached at the TGH Patient Enquiry line at 416-340-3131.


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