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Nathan Charles Pitcher re-admitted to Dartmouth General

I don't have many of the details yet, but I've just been informed that my father, Nathan Charles Pitcher, has been re-admitted to Dartmouth General Hospital for respiratory problems.

His neighbours brought him into the local clinic a day or so ago; he was dazed and confused, and having trouble breathing. The clinic transferred him to Dartmouth General, and he's been admitted into the ICU.

Emails I Have Known

Recently, something posted to Usenet prompted me to get nostalgic. I decided to find every email address that I ever used.

Here they are:

Back from Montreal

Terry and I took her two adult children to Montreal for a Christmas with the family. The visit was to last only about a week, with Terry staying a bit with her family, and I bringing Mark and Katherine home on Dec 31. But, that was not to be.

Terry's mother was not well. We had Christmas dinner "out", to spare her some anxiety with the elaborate preparations for an 18-person meal, and there were a couple of less-elaborate "at home dinners".

Candy making

This week, I unearthed the chocolate moulds and chocolate wafers from where they had been stored in the basement. Most of the chocolate had spoilt, the surface turning a powdery white, but enough remained to try my hand at making chocolates again.


Rare Monster
There once was a cordial troll,
Who's words were as black as his soul.
"Gimme!" he cried.
Extortion he tried,
And he dug himself into a hole.
In October
Spider's winter nest
Fake Butter drips o'er the web
"Clean up on aisle three!"

Doing something useful

Recently, I become interested in a new project: The Village Telco. The Village Telco project intends to bring low-cost telephony to the second and third world through the use of Open Source software and hardware. The project has already passed one of it's milestones by creating a cheap, wireless VoIP appliance (the Mesh Potato) from open software and open hardware.

Nathan Charles Pitcher in hospital

I've just been informed that my father, Nathan Charles Pitcher, has been admitted to the ICU at Dartmouth General Hospital with breathing problems.

He is currently sedated, and has been intubated on a respirator. The doctors are trying to determine what has put him into respiratory difficulty, and intend to slowly "wean" him off of the respirator.

More news as I get it.

Retired, at last

Well, I did it. I retired from TD Bank after 31 years, 1 month and five days of continuous employment.

Now, I can spend my time as I like; travelling, reading, working on my hobbies, going back to school.

Wish me luck.

Travelling again

OK, so I haven't said much in the past few months, but I've been travelling again.

First off, in November, my partner and I took a week and went to an all-inclusive in Cuba.

Next, I went to visit my cousin in BC over Christmas.

Finally, my partner invited me on a Jazz cruise in January.

More on all that later

An Evolutionary Step

Ok, so it isn't as radical as all that. Today (October 15, 2007) I formally announced my intended retirement date. In four months, on February 15, 2008, I will have retired from TD Bank after 31 years of service.

Wish me luck


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